by Angela Nelson

Twenty-seven-year-old Josh Mills grew up outside Philadelphia. He’s been accepted to work with Wycliffe at JAARS (a Wycliffe affiliate organization) in North Carolina as an auto mechanic. This week, he’s in Orlando, attending Wycliffe’s EQUIP program for new members, so we interviewed him to find out more…


Q: What got you interested in mechanics?

Josh: Growing up, my parents always had older cars, basically, and they always needed repair. I was always like, “Well, if I was an auto mechanic, I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this.”


Q: Can you tell me how you got into missions?

Josh: I was always interested in being an auto mechanic, and I was always interested in being a youth pastor. And I got to a point where I received an e-mail from some of our missionaries, who were working in Kosovo after the war of ’99. They were starting a youth center, and because I was doing youth work at the time, I said to myself, “I’m going to go there someday.” Well a year and a half later, I ended up going on my first missions trip.

When I came back, I was praying to God, “Lord, do you want me to be an auto mechanic, a youth pastor, or a missionary?” And God answered my prayer with, “All three.” I didn’t know how that was going to work, but somebody from my church mentioned JAARS…. So I volunteered at the auto shop fixing missionaries’ cars, and I served with the missionary kids. So God brought all three together.


Q: What have you been doing since then?

Josh: Since then I went on two more missions trips to Kosovo. I started going to automotive school just outside of Philadelphia and got that degree, and I’m gaining professional experience and certifications.


Q: What will you be doing when you go to JAARS?

Josh: There are a lot of missionaries in and around JAARS. So I’ll be working on those cars primarily, as well as the fleet vehicles that JAARS has. And there is a chance that I’ll be working on and modifying some of the basic utility vehicles that JAARS is employing to serve overseas.


Q: So what’s EQUIP been like?

Josh: A whole mixture of emotions… One thing that my dad said when I was on my way to EQUIP, was, “You’re going to love it there because you’re going to be with all these like-minded people.” I’m here now with twenty-two people who are all pursuing Bible translation work with Wycliffe, and it’s just great.


Q: What’s one of the most valuable things that you’ve learned here at EQUIP?

Josh: Hearing some of these stories, it’s kind of taken me to another level of, “Wow, I need to be understanding that prayer works.” So many times we’re just praying for the big things, [and we think] we’ll handle the little things, but it’s God working in even the tiniest stories when we pray to Him.


Q: What’s something you didn’t expect about being here at Wycliffe this last week?

Josh: I didn’t expect it to be as busy and full of information. I also didn’t expect that I would be as close to the people, but these are probably people that we’re always going to remember.


Q: So what happens next?

Josh: Going home and organizing my information and organizing everything that I’m going to be doing. Also to do some recruiting—to really get people excited about Bible translation, because this ministry certainly isn’t about just me, or about just JAARS, or about just Wycliffe. It’s about bringing more people to serve God. So that is all ahead of me, and I’m prayerfully hoping to complete PD* in December, and in January to move down to JAARS.

*PD stands for “partnership development.” It refers to the support-raising process.


Q: Is there anything you can think to add?

Josh: Here at EQUIP—everybody seemed to say the same thing at some point: “Well I love to do this, but I’d also love to do missions.” Yet, everybody is here, doing what they love to do…and they’re doing missions.

Thanks Josh!

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Learn how IT helps others get Scripture faster

Our two-day Technology and Translation (TNT) conference will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be an IT missionary. We use a technology-rich environment to communicate the technological advances that have made better Bible translation possible. You’ll have a chance to talk with other IT missionaries and enjoy interactive presentations designed to help you determine God’s place for you in IT missions.

Our next TNT event will be in Arlington, Texas, from September 30 to October 1, 2011.

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Wycliffe 2010 Summer Interns


CONTACT: KAREN SNYDER, Internship Coordinator – Internships_USA@wycliffe.org

Discovery Trips
The Discovery trips currently available are scheduled to take six to nine weeks and are geared for those between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-five. Participants receive lengthy exposure to specific ministry duties based on their interest and can receive college credit for their work.

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GET Global Trips
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“I praise God for the work that Wycliffe translators have done to get the precious scriptures to the ends of the earth.” — Francis Chan

Francis Chan

Francis Chan is a preacher, the bestselling author of Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God, and Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit, and the former teaching pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California.

Learn more about survey work. Everyone has a personal personal calling in the greatest acceleration of Bible translation in history — find yours.

By Angela Nelson

When Diane was 12, her grandmother asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Diane wasn’t sure, but she knew she liked codes and foreign languages.

“Maybe you could be a Bible translator,” her grandma suggested.

“A Bible translator?” Diane thought. “You mean there are people in the world who don’t have a Bible in their language?”

This discovery opened up a whole new world for Diane. As she entered her teens, Bible translation continued to stay on her heart. Soon she got connected with a Wycliffe recruiter who periodically sent her information about Wycliffe projects. Later, she went on a mission trip to Brazil, spent time in Costa Rica, and passionately studied Portuguese and Spanish.

Submitted photo

“I have a strange and insatiable passion for language-learning.” Diane explains. “No one else I know gets a thrill out of a class in phonetics, or would spend their free time looking up Portuguese grammar rules online. I would be a failure at sports ministry or medical missions, but language I can handle.”

Nine years after that conversation with her grandmother, Diane has begun the application process to work with Wycliffe as a translator. This summer she will graduate from Texas A&M and start graduate school for linguistics in Houston.

Of course, not everyone preparing to work with Wycliffe gets excited about phonetics and sentence structure like Diane.

For Twila, it’s pictures. Ever since she was a little girl, she remembers drawing in church while her dad would preach. Over time, it became obvious that she had a gift for art.

“She notices detail and color,” her husband Chris notes, “and she’s an ace at doing puzzles because she sees the variation in the pieces and can just tell where they go.”

In college, Twila enjoyed both art and missions. “I was very interested in other cultures,” Twila reflects, “but I didn’t see any way that the two paths connected.”

After college, Twila worked as an illustrator, and later went to Papua New Guinea to visit her sister who was a missionary there. Several other missionaries asked her to draw illustrations for primers and posters. “I was busy every day doing artwork, and I loved it,” Twila said. It seemed her two passions had finally come together.

Twila’s husband Chris came to Christ at a church service when he was about 20. “I got mesmerized by the Bible,” Chris said, when asked about the sermon that changed his life. That experience gave Chris a respect for the Scripture’s power to change lives. It’s what motivated him to participate in several short-term mission trips before he met and married Twila three years ago.

“At the time we met, we were both already in the realm of world missions, and we prayed about what we could do as a team,” Twila said. “We asked God to call us somewhere.”

Today, Chris and Twila are preparing to serve with Wycliffe in another part of the world — with Chris exploring the area of Scripture use and Twila using art to help people experience and understand Scripture.

“All through college I talked to translators and I loved languages, but I never saw myself in that role.” Chris said, “But when people told us how we could work in Bible translation, it just made sense. There really is a role for everybody.”

You might be surprised how your current, God-given skills may perfectly fit a role that will allow you to further His Kingdom. Click here.